How to Get Rid Of That 40 Year Above Flab’s?

How to Get Rid Of That 40 Year Above Flab’s?
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If you have reached 40 years of age, you definitely need to take that extra effort to stay healthy and fit because this is the age when you slowly start developing all complications towards your healthy. If you feel that you have reached a point in life that you are just not able to shed those extra calories off your body, you need to take control of this situation and need to work accordingly. To simplify your life, below mentioned are 5 basic principles that both men and women can follow to lose weight if you are above 40 years:

Watch What You Eat:

The first and foremost aspect that you need to consider towards weight loss after 40 years is to take care of your calorie intake. By 40 years, you must have already lost a small amount of muscles mass, you body metabolism must have also reduced quite a bit. Therefore by adjusting your calories accordingly you can give that extra boost to your metabolism that can help you burn fat accordingly. If you are still not losing weight, reduce the quantity by 10 to 15% by this you will get a vague idea how to go about with your calorie intake. In some cases, if you are a person who is already highly active and still not losing weight, in such cases you need to increase your calorie intake to burn that additional fat.

Watch What You Eat

Restrict Yourself To A High Protein Diet:

It is always recommended to be on a high protein diet from the very start. But after 40 years of age you must make that conscious diet to increase your protein intake. The main reason being that it will keep your metabolic rate well boosted in your body and this will also improve your weight loss results. Chicken, fish, egg whites, lean red meat and low-fat dairy products are some important sources of protein that can be available.

Restrict Yourself To A High Protein Diet

Some Important Nutrients That Are Highly Important For Your Body:

By now you must have understood about how the calorie intake count works. These calories should be well divided between proteins, carbs and fat intake. However as a precautionary method, people stop consuming dairy products in their diet which should not be done. Dairy products are high in calcium and this is an important nutrient for the body. Since there is an increased risk of osteoporosis after 40, you should supply you should supply your body with enough calcium. Your current fiber intake must be lacking. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Important Nutrients That Are Highly Important For Your Body

Your Workout Should Be Inclusive Of Resistance Training:

Lifting weights is a good form to strengthen and maintaining the flexibility of your body. This is the main reason to enhance the lean body mass and helps to make up for the loss of any lean tissues.


Last But Not The Least Cardio Plays A Vital Role Too:

Last but not the least, cardio is equally important. Your workout should be an equal distribution of 3 days of cardio and 3 days of strength training.

Cardio Plays A Vital Role

This is the key secret towards living a healthy and a happy life.

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